Dietitian in the news: Berdien van Wezel

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Dietitian in the news Berdien van Wezel

In the series “Dietitian in the news” we show who has been in the press and how. Berdien van Wezel is a dietitian at Gezond Leven dietitians and specializes in menopausal complaints. In Trouw she advises what menopausal women should and shouldn’t eat.

Easier to transition

Nutrition during menopause is an important topic. As many as 8 in 10 women experience complaints such as hot flashes, insomnia, concentration problems and joint pain during menopause. Berdien says in the article that menopausal women can get through this period more easily with the right nutrition. Some foods worsen menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, while others make symptoms less intense. Digestion also slows down during this phase, which changes the balance between energy intake and consumption. Nutrition apps and smartwatches can help gain more insight into this, Berdien tips in Trouw.

To avoid

Berdien recommends avoiding caffeine-containing products as much as possible. Caffeine can disrupt sleep and cause menopausal women to suffer more from night sweats and daytime fatigue. In Trouw she mentions more tips for this phase, such as not eating too spicy food: sharp herbs can trigger hot flashes. Alcohol is also better to avoid, because it dilates the blood vessels and increases blood pressure. And finally, be careful with sugar, because this triggers hormonal imbalance and promotes obesity, Berdien warns.


Eating healthy helps women during menopause to continue to feel good. Berdien recommends drinking plenty of water or green tea, so that the fluid balance is maintained when sweating a lot. She recommends sage tea to get a little more rest in the body. Other recommendations: a generous portion of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet, by putting nuts, avocado and oily fish on the menu. Vitamin D is a must during menopause, says Berdien. The reduced production of estrogen can be supplemented with products containing vegetable estrogens from, for example, legumes, cabbage and soy.

Read the entire article with Berdien in Trouw here.

More dieticians in the media!

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