Dietician training courses are calling for internships

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Dietician training courses are calling for internships

All dietician training courses notice that it is difficult to fill internship positions. They are therefore jointly calling for internships for the 2024-2025 academic year, from September to mid-January (20 weeks). If you are interested in supervising a student, please contact the relevant internship coordinator, preferably before April 1.

Many advantages

Nutrition and Dietetics students can’t wait to apply the knowledge from the course in practice. Indispensable in this are practical places where the student can develop into a novice dietician under the guidance of a dietician. In addition to some extra hands (and points for the quality register), the fresh perspective of the students is of added value: they are well informed of recent developments within the field, can introduce new ideas and insights and often know all the ins and outs of digital media.


There are many options within internship guidance. You can also do the guidance together with a colleague if you work part-time, for example. In addition to practicing with the consultations, the student can be deployed for various activities. For example, developing information, creating materials or conducting research.


Do you want to supervise an intern, but do you have questions or would you like to discuss? Please contact the internship coordinators of the various courses. They are happy to help you!

  • HAN University of Applied Sciences: Suzan Diender (
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences: Marianne Goedhart – van der Pijl and Michelle Dingemanse (
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen: Janny Vedder (
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: Mariëtte van Rijmenam and Suzanne van der Plas (

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