Dietician in the news: Manon de Boois

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Manon de Boois (

In the series ”Dietitian in the news” we show who has been in the press and how. Dietician Manon de Boois has been working as a dietitian for over 26 years and has his own practice with several branches in Friesland. She took a reporter from the Leeuwarder Courant through the supermarket.

Processed versus unprocessed

In the article, De Boois explains processed and ultra-processed products. De Boois himself finds the term “processed” a difficult concept. ‘Ultimately, most of the products we eat have been processed in some way. One addition is less healthy than the other.’ In the article, de Boois mentions margarine as an example: ‘That is also highly processed, but it is part of our diet. If we don’t smear, we don’t get vitamins A and D.’


The reporter wonders whether you can still do healthy shopping in the supermarket, but De Boois shows him that it really is still possible and gives tips in the article to buy more unprocessed products. She concludes with this quote: ‘My advice is: just use your common sense, read the labels and always add your fruit and vegetables to ultra-processed products.’

Source: Leeuwarder Courant

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