Detectives reopen investigation into Amersfoort murders (UPDATE)

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Detectives reopen investigation into Amersfoort murders (UPDATE)

The Central Netherlands police announced on Tuesday that the investigation into the murders of Mohammed Alarasi (22) and Samir Jabli (38, photo) in Amersfoort will be reopened. New information is available from encrypted phones that the police have made readable. In Opsporing Verzocht it was announced that the tipster who manages to solve both murders will receive a reward of 60,000 euros.

Investigation Requested

The two murders took place in 2014 in Amersfoort. The murder of the MBO student Alarasi (photo right) was a mistake.

The police take into account that both victims were killed by the same group of perpetrators. Members of that perpetrator group are also associated with other liquidations committed between 2011 and 2014. It is very likely that Samir Jabli was followed by a man on January 18, 2014. That day, Jabli visited the McDonald’s in Amersfoort-Noord and a Total gas station. A man can also be seen at both locations who followed him there. The police know who this man is, but still want to know what role he played, both with regard to the murders of Jabli and Alarasi and his role in the perpetrator group.

The same man was also seen near a car that was probably used as a second getaway car in the murder of Alarasi. That BMW was parked in 2014 in the Hainaut district of Lunetten in Utrecht.


It was previously revealed that regarding the murder of “Babbel” Jabli, the police believed that Ridouan Taghi’s group was responsible. Key witness Nabil B. has stated that Taghi was behind both the murder of Jabli and that of Mohamed Alarasi, who was murdered earlier.

A DNA trace of Ridouan Taghi was found in August 2020 on a bullet casing that investigators found after the assassination attempt on Jabli.


In the 26Koper investigation about the discovery of an arsenal of weapons in Nieuwegein and a group of suspects who were preparing violent crimes, the murder of Jabli was discussed by the suspects. Justice sees this group of suspects as Taghi’s accomplices.

In August 2020, the Public Prosecution Service announced that Ridouan Taghi would not be prosecuted for the Amersfoort liquidations, although she initially intended to do so.

Fitness center

The liquidation of Alarasi was probably a mistake because Jabli should have been hit. The two visited the same gym in Amersfoort, where the much younger Alarasi was shot dead, and Alarasi used a Jabli car.

Three days before the murder of Mohammed Alarasi on January 20, 2014 in Amersfoort, Samir Jabli was lured to the local Fight and Power Academy gym, but not shot dead.


Research previously showed that Jabli had been extensively covered in advance. The police distributed a composite photo of one of the suspects. The police are still looking for this man, as it turned out on Tuesday evening.

Police believe that Mohammed Alarasi may have been watched by the same followers shortly before his death. Student Mohammed Alarasi (22) knew Samir Jabli from their neighborhood in Amersfoort where they both lived and they both trained at the Pellikaan gym. After a game of indoor football in the Pellikaan sports hall, Alarasi was murdered in front of the door.

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