Desiree is annoyed by a date in Long Live Love: ‘Big turn-off’

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Crazy faces, safe words and a high-pitched voice: some people love it, others hate it. In any case, one thing is clear: 41-year-old Michel showed himself one hundred percent in last night’s Long Live Love episode.

But is his date Desiree really happy about that?

Long Live Love

In last night’s new Long Live Love episode we see Michel and Desiree. Michel, a 41-year-old Michel Jackson fan, is fed up with online dating. “For me this is serious shit. For me, this adventure is the final destination in love. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. I hope for a spontaneous and sporty girl,” he says. Desiree, 40, is also looking for a new love. “I would like to tell my story after a bad day.”

Want to have children

The two initially seem to get along well. During a game of billiards, the conversation is about everything: would you rather have morning sex or evening sex? Children or no children? Naughty sides?

Michel asks Desiree’s ears off. “I don’t have children, but I would really like to have them. But of course you first have to find the right man for that. It is more difficult for a woman when you are older. Then the time starts ticking,” Desiree says honestly about her desire to have children. Things are slightly different for Michel: he already has a child and would like to keep it that way. “One child is more than enough.” Finally, in a high voice, Michel asks: “What does your naughty side look like? Dark side.”

Don’t kiss

The high-pitched voice makes Desiree look up, but she makes no further comment about it. “You can look at this question in different ways. Of course I’m not going to reveal whether I’m naughty somewhere else,” she then answers, after which Michel fires another question at her. “What will you do if I kiss you now?”

Desiree honestly answers that she wouldn’t kiss back. In addition, Desiree starts to get annoyed by Michel’s mannerisms. “You have quite a few safe words that you often say. In a relationship that would be a big turn off for me.”

Long Live Love viewers have quite a bit to say about Desiree, and her wish for a tall, sporty and caring man. Although they understand that Michel is not necessarily the man of her dreams, they find her demands striking. “Michiel can somersault in a fluorescent tube, and Desiree likes muscular men,” writes a viewer. “Desiree is looking for a man who would never sign up for LLDL,” adds another.

You can watch Long Live Love again via KIJK.

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