Deposed president Gabon ‘may leave country if he wants to’, say coup plotters Yesterday, 22:42 in Abroad President Bongo was deposed a week ago and has been under house arrest in his residence ever since.

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Ali Bongo addressed his supporters and the international community after the coup
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Gabon’s ousted President Ali Bongo is allowed to leave the country as far as the junta is concerned. Interim president Brice Oligui Nguema, appointed by the military authorities, says Bongo can go abroad “if he wants to”.

Bongo was deposed a week ago and has been under house arrest at his residence ever since. Shortly before, he had claimed victory in the elections, but according to the military behind the coup, they had not been fair.

“Given his state of health, the former president of the republic, Ali Bongo Ondimba, is free to move around. He can, if he wishes, go abroad to undergo his medical checkups,” said one of the people involved in the putsch. colonels on state television.


In 2018, Ali Bongo suffered a massive stroke, which makes it more difficult for him to move his right arm and leg. He had been in power in Gabon since 2009 and was due to begin his third term as president when he was ousted. Before him, his father Omar Bongo was president of the oil- and ore-rich country in western Central Africa for 41 consecutive years.

Internationally, the coup in Gabon, the seventh African country where a coup has been committed since 2020, is viewed with great concern. There is also a lot at stake for former colonizer France, as that country has major economic interests in Gabon. Exactly how the new rulers relate to the French is not yet clear.

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