Demanded up to four years for explosion at Greek restaurant in Roermond

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Demanded up to four years for explosion at Greek restaurant in Roermond

On Friday, the Public Prosecution Service demanded four and three years in prison in the court in Roermond against a 36-year-old man from Roermond and a 27-year-old woman from Horst aan de Maas for causing an explosion at a Greek restaurant in Roermond. The explosion caused significant damage to the building and no one was injured.


On February 20 this year, around 8:15 in the morning, there was an explosion at a Greek restaurant on Christoffelstraat in Roermond. The explosion is caused by two Cobras being thrown through the letterbox. The bang blew the door inwards and released smoke that went up the stairs. The owner, who lives above the restaurant, remains unharmed. However, the restaurant sustained significant damage.

The 27-year-old suspicious woman eventually confessed that she threw the fireworks through the letterbox for money. The co-perpetrator knew what was going to happen, explored the location with the woman, dropped her off and met her again shortly afterwards and, according to the justice department, appears to be the organizer of the event.


Camera images from the area show that at 8.11 a scooter arrives from Munsterstraat with two people on it. The scooter drives past the restaurant a few times and then turns to Pelserstraat where the passenger gets off and walks to the restaurant. The passenger performs an action at the front door and then walks into the Schuitenberg. A moment later a large flash of light can be seen behind this person. Police investigation identifies the two suspects.

The reason for the explosion remains unclear, but according to the Public Prosecution Service it appears to have been a case of acting on instructions.

The public prosecutor:

‘Yet it has not emerged who the client is, if there is one. The 36-year-old suspect suggests that he knows and that he even has proof of this. He indicated that he would take it to the police, but then he did not do so. In doing so, he perpetuates the victim’s fear. Such an offense carries a significant prison sentence.’

Fear and intimidation

The public prosecutor emphasized that the two suspects risked human lives with the explosion. The officer also emphasizes the very threatening nature of explosives, which are intended to sow fear and intimidation. This becomes even worse when it happens in someone’s own home, where they should feel safe.

The Public Prosecution Service is demanding four years in prison against the 36-year-old man from Roermond. The Public Prosecution Service is demanding three years in prison against the 27-year-old woman from Horst aan de Maas, of which one year is conditional with a probation period of three years.

The judge will make a ruling in two weeks.

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