Delay in tackling nitrogen peak loads: no ‘yes’ yet from Brussels 16:16 in Binnenland , Politics , Economy The green light is not expected until the end of May for the regulation to tackle the largest emitters.

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The government’s plan to tackle the nitrogen problem is once again delayed. It is not possible to complete the scheme in time that should lead to the largest emitters of nitrogen being bought out. Sources in The Hague confirm this after a message from RTL Nieuws.

The so-called peak tax scheme was supposed to be ready this month, but it will not be until the end of May at the earliest, insiders say. It turns out to be more difficult than expected to convince Brussels of the need for the scheme.

About 3000 companies, agricultural and industrial, must be offered to stop, move or renew in such a way that emissions are rigorously reduced. They receive up to 120 percent of the market value of the company for this, according to the plan.

State aid rules

But permission from the EU is required for this, because the plan touches on the strict rules for state aid. The scheme was announced in November and would not be ready until January. but that was later in late April. A counter would open this month where farmers and entrepreneurs could apply for what the cabinet calls a “wildly attractive” offer.

Minister Van der Wal must first answer a number of technical questions from Brussels before a judgment can be given. According to sources, the chance that the scheme will still be rejected is small. It is not clear when the final green light will come, but the aim is now the end of May.


Tackling the peak loaders is essential for solving the nitrogen impasse, which has put many building plans in our country on hold. Prime Minister Rutte said earlier this month that he wants to accelerate the nitrogen approach and that he needs the buy-out scheme for that.

At the same time, the cabinet decided to further put nitrogen policy on the back burner until the new provincial authorities have been formed. There is a good chance that the big winner BBB will be on the board in many provinces and that party is very critical of the policy. Coalition partner CDA has indicated that it wants to renegotiate Rutte IV’s nitrogen approach in some time.

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