Dead woman found in home of suspected Bunschoten shooting

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Police at the house where the woman’s body was found

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The police are investigating the relationship between a shooting yesterday in Bunschoten and the discovery of a deceased woman in Nijkerk that same day. Police have arrested a man in the case. The deceased woman was lying in his home.

Just after 3.30 p.m. yesterday, the police received a report about a shooting incident on Veenestraat in Bunschoten. Agents found an injured 59-year-old man from Bunschoten there. He was taken to hospital. Witnesses said several shots were fired.

Not much later, the police managed to arrest a suspect from Nijkerk in his hometown. The woman’s body was found in his home. The investigation into her identity and cause of death is still ongoing.

Cyclist shot

Residents in Bunschoten tell RTV Utrecht that they saw the shooting incident happen. According to them, a cyclist was shot at. Presumably he was met by the shooter.

The victim would have been hit in the leg, and would then have cycled a bit. According to witnesses, he was with another cyclist. He would have fled into a house.

In Nijkerk, the neighborhood reacts shocked to the incident:

Neighborhood shocked by body in Nijkerk home

Local residents in Nijkerk tell Omroep Gelderland that the dead woman found in the house in Nijkerk is the wife of the shooter in Bunschoten. It is said in the neighborhood that this man had a relationship conflict and killed his own wife. Then he would have driven to Bunschoten to carry out an act of revenge on a colleague.

According to Omroep Gelderland, the cyclist worked for a company in Bunschoten. A spokesperson for that company confirms to the regional broadcaster that the suspect also works for the same company. The spokesperson also refers to the police.

Police have yet to comment on the cause of the shooting. The police are also not disclosing the identities of the victims and the suspect. “We know the stories that are going around, but I can’t say anything about that right now,” said a police spokesman. “We are considering multiple scenarios.”

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