Dead and injured in revenge attacks against Israeli settlers in the West Bank

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People wait at a checkpoint near Nablus after the deadly shooting incident earlier today
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Retaliation by settlers in the town of Hawara in the occupied West Bank left one Palestinian dead and about 100 Palestinians injured, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. The army has been deployed to bring the riots under control. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls on people not to “take the law into their own hands”.

A few hours after the shooting in Hawara earlier today, in which a Palestinian killed two Israelis, a group of settlers started a fire.

Subsequently, several cars and buildings in Hawara were set on fire:

Cars and houses set on fire in West Bank village

According to the newspaper, a house was set on fire while a Palestinian family was present. Israeli security forces were able to get the family out safely.

There are also reports of riots in Nablus, a little further on in the West Bank. A Palestinian was hospitalized there after being attacked by settlers.

Earlier, settlers called for a march to Hawara to “take revenge” for the shooting incident. Messages are also circulating on social media to block access to Nablus as well.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls in a press statement not to play in front of his own judge, “even though the blood is boiling”.

Shooter still wanted

Israeli authorities are still searching for the Palestinian gunman who killed the two Israelis. Prior to the shooting, he rammed into the car the two victims were in. Local sources report to the newspaper that the gunman was wearing clothing with references to a militant group.

The two victims are two brothers aged 20 and 22. They lived in the Har Bracha settlement in the West Bank.

Parties in conversation

Senior Palestinian and Israeli delegates met in Jordan today to put an end to the recent flare-up of violence. The two sides have agreed to de-escalate the situation. It was one of the first times in ages that senior officials spoke to each other again.

The Israelis have promised not to expand settlements in the West Bank for the next four months. The two sides say they will talk further next month. That happens in the Egyptian resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh.

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