Dating in Lunetten ends in robberies

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Lunetten – In recent months, several people have been robbed on the Normandy in Lunetten, after victims had made a date online. Two suspects have been arrested, but the police would like to get in touch with possible other victims.

The police started an investigation after an initial report of a robbery. On February 15, a victim had made an online date arrangement, with the meeting taking place on the Normandy in Lunetten. While the victim is waiting, he is robbed by the date and another person who comes along.

Second and third robbery
Similar robberies also took place on Sunday 3 and Friday 15 March. First a date appointment was made online and the meeting location was the Normandy. These victims also had a brief meeting with their date, after which they were also robbed of money and some personal belongings at gunpoint.

Investigation leads to 18-year-old and 19-year-old suspects
Two people were arrested on Saturday, March 16, on suspicion of involvement in these robberies. It concerns an 18-year-old man and 19-year-old woman, both from Utrecht. They are still in custody at this time.

Have you also become a victim? Then report it
The police suspect that there are several victims, but may not have reported this (yet) for various personal reasons. Still, the police urge you to report it if this has happened to you or to at least share your story with the police. Do you know someone who this has happened to? You can report this anonymously via 0800-7000 or online by clicking here. You can also call the police for free on 0800-6070.

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