D66 lashes out at the conservative right. met with torches

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D66 leader Sigrid Kaag opens the attack on the conservative right, which she said last weekend is a conservative alliance. Kaag refers to the list JA21, BBB, PVV and FVD. Yesterday, Kaag was met in Diepenheim by demonstrators with torches.

(ANP / ANP / Jeroen Jumelet)

“She calls it a conservative alliance, but that is denied by the parties,” says political reporter Leendert Beekman. According to Beekman, Kaag broadens her reproach. Without mentioning name and back numbers, she refers to coalition partners CDA and VVD. Kaag says that if ‘the keys to the provincial houses fall into the wrong hands’ there is a threat of stagnation and the Netherlands will remain ‘the mega stable of Europe’. And ‘then we will not be able to build a house for everyone who wants and needs it’, a clear reference to the nitrogen dossier.

‘Here she is not only talking about the alliance, but also about the VVD and certainly about the CDA,’ says Beekman. ‘There is a lot of opposition to the nitrogen policy at the CDA in the province.’


Kaag has clearly spoken out against a collaboration with PVV and FvD, she also says she hopes that VVD and CDA will not work with them as they previously did at provincial level. ‘Kaag says that D66 will absolutely not do that and trusts that VVD and CDA have learned something from the past.’ D66 will not sit in provincial councils that opt ​​for standstill and adjustment, she repeated. It is also questionable to what extent D66 will cooperate with BBB, which Kaag expects to compromise. Whether that will be the case is highly uncertain.


This weekend, Kaag said nothing about migration, but she had already stated in the newspaper that she saw nothing in the plans of the CDA and VVD. Kaag calls the plans to build walls around Europe ‘unfeasible’. She is also adamantly against JA21’s plan, which is supported by VVD and CDA, that asylum seekers have to wait for their application outside the EU. ‘She calls that unfeasible, she simply doesn’t support it.’


Yesterday, a few dozen demonstrators in Diepenheim met Kaag when she wanted to participate in the political talk show Politics in de Pol. Some demonstrators carried flaming torches. Earlier, a flyer from ‘Strijders Twente’ called on the residents of Diepenheim to give Kaag a ‘warm welcome’ in Diepenheim. Kaag was aware of the demonstration and the police were present. When she arrived in Diepenheim, people were waiting for her with a few tractors. Kaag went into a conversation with the demonstrators, but that was difficult.

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