‘Cybercrime increases the impact of traditional crime’

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The influence of cybercrime will increase the trade in drugs, people and weapons in Amsterdam. The police are not yet well prepared for this.


This is evident from the presentation of the crime figures by the Amsterdam triangle, which the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool reports on Thursday.

According to the police and the mayor, cybercrime’s greater reach increases the impact of ‘traditional’ crime such as the trade in drugs, people and weapons. According to the triangle, that shift will continue.


The police say they are not yet well equipped for this. Too few detectives are trained in the field of cybercrime and the police do not have the latest ICT resources and techniques.

Police officers and employees of the Public Prosecution Service are therefore being trained in their expertise in this area, according to the newspaper. This should also help them to gain a better understanding of the digital environment of young criminals.

record low

In addition to these figures, the police confirmed that Amsterdam had a record low in the number of deaths from violence in 2022. There were no liquidations in Amsterdam last year.

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