Cyber ​​attack at a healthcare institution: client data shared

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In a cyber attack on a healthcare institution in Brabant, hackers captured data from clients and employees. The data is now being published on the dark web, the healthcare institution reports.

It concerns Joris Zorg, a care institution for the elderly with five locations in the Kempen. The cyber attack was carried out in December last year, but the stolen data was only recently shared.

Omroep Brabant writes that the attack was carried out by LockBit, the same group that committed a cyber break-in at the KNVB football association. LockBit claims to have stolen 100 gigabytes of data from Joris Zorg.

The ransomware group LockBit usually demands a ransom after an attack. It is unclear what amount was requested this time. The group has already attacked thousands of organizations worldwide.

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“Because the attacker has published a significant amount of data, we do not yet know exactly what data is involved. Together with external experts, we are currently investigating the published data to gain more clarity on this,” said the care institution in a statement.

Joris Zorg warns clients and their family members to be alert to strange or unexpected calls or messages. Some clients have been advised to have their passports and identity cards replaced, the broadcaster writes.

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