Curaçao schools to close early for the rest of the month due to heat 11:21 in Domestic, Abroad This is what the island’s minister of education reports after code yellow was announced last week.

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High school students in Curaçao
NOS News

Curaçao has a reduced school schedule for the rest of the month due to the persistent heat. Minister Van Heydoorn of Education announced this.

A shortened schedule was used on the island for three days last week after the meteorological service declared code yellow. The shortened schedule means that primary school students can go home at 12 noon, half an hour earlier than normal. Most primary schools start at 7:30 am.

In the Youth News, students told how they deal with the heat at school:

Lessons in Curaçao finished earlier due to heat: ‘Can’t focus’

With the help of the meteorological service, it is being examined whether the normal schedule can be used again in October.

Air conditioners

The minister also announced that he would release one million Antillean guilders (approximately half a million euros) for the purchase of air conditioning and fans. Many schools on the island do not have this. The money is divided among eight school boards.

Curaçao has been struggling with periods of persistent heat since June, often with temperatures of 34 degrees and higher. Classrooms become so hot that teachers and students find it difficult to concentrate.

Garbage collectors

The consequences are also noticeable outside education. Since this week, garbage collectors have been starting work an hour earlier due to the heat, at 6 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. With code yellow, working in full sun, such as working on the road or in construction, is not recommended.

  • 120 million euros to Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten for reforms
  • Curaçao is fully committed to generating and exporting renewable energy
  • Domestic

  • Abroad

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