Crystal meth lab discovered in Madrid (VIDEO)

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Crystal meth lab discovered in Madrid (VIDEO)

In Spain, the National Police has dismantled a lab for the production of methamphetamine (crystal meth). It was located behind a restaurant in Madrid. In Europe, meth labs are mainly found in the Netherlands and Belgium. Recently, meth labs have also been discovered in Spain.


The lab was in a room next to the restaurant’s kitchen, behind a hidden door with stacked chairs in front of it. The restaurant was a steakhouse with a charcoal grill. According to Spanish police, the cooking smell masked the chemical odors released in the lab.

Hash and cocaine

The officers arrested five people, three of whom are still in custody.

The main suspect, who is said to have been the boss of the lab, is still at large, according to the police.

Five kilos of pressed blocks of hashish, ammunition and GPS beacons were seized from the restaurant. After three hours, police specialists managed to crack a safe, which contained, among other things, 60,000 euros in counterfeit banknotes.

The investigation started in mid-2023, after the police received information about a group of South Americans dealing in cocaine. The group brought cocaine to Madrid via the port of Valencia.

Colombian descent

The police noted that meetings took place in the restaurant between members of the criminal group and their contacts. The suspects were most of Colombian descent.

At the beginning of May, investigators concluded from observations that a drug delivery would take place at the restaurant and possibly a deal.

The lab was discovered when the police raided it.

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