Cruise ship runs aground in Greenland, ‘no one in danger’ 5:34 PM Abroad The hope is that the ship with 206 people on board will be released during high tide. However, a first attempt failed.

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The Alpefjord in Greenland
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A cruise ship with 206 people on board has run aground in a fjord in eastern Greenland. This happened near the Alpefjord, in the Northeast Greenland National Park. According to local authorities, no one is in danger and there is no damage.

The hope is that the ship will be freed during high tide, but a first attempt today failed. “They are going to make a second attempt and we hope that there will be success,” a spokesman for the Danish army told the public channel KNR.

The 104-meter-long Ocean Explorer got stuck yesterday in the very extensive national park, which is known for its high icebergs. Musk oxen, polar bears and arctic foxes also live there. Hardly anyone lives there.

‘Nearest help far away’

“A cruise ship getting into trouble in the national park is worrying,” the military said in a statement. “The nearest help is far away, our people are far away and the weather can be very unpleasant.” The temperature in the area is currently around freezing.

A Danish army plane has already flown over the cruise ship to check whether any fuel or chemicals are leaking.

Danish ship far away

The nearest Danish ship is about 1200 nautical miles from the cruise ship. The Danes would not be able to reach the ship until Friday morning. A cruise ship that is closer has therefore been asked by the army to stay nearby.

Greenland is an independent country within the Danish kingdom. The Greenlanders have largely self-government, but are dependent on Denmark for defense, among other things.

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