Court imposes high penalties for weapons stockpile in Alphen aan den Rijn

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Court imposes high penalties for weapons stockpile in Alphen aan den Rijn

The court in Zwolle has imposed prison sentences of up to ten years and two months in the case of the major weapons discovery in Alphen aan den Rijn. The investigation is related to suspects in the murder of Peter R. de Vries and two Marengo suspects.

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Anti-tank weapons

Two men aged 30 and 46 receive the maximum possible sentence of ten years and two months for the weapons discovery in Alphen aan den Rijn. A 24-year-old man has been sentenced by the court to two years in prison.

Four anti-tank weapons, 45 (automatic) firearms, 4,825 bullet cartridges and 66 cartridge magazines were found in the storage room of the 30-year-old man’s home on March 24, 2022. The weapons and ammunition were in backpacks, shopping bags and garbage bags.

There were also silencers, converted alarm pistols and weapons with rifle scopes in the storage room.


The court is of the opinion that the three men worked together in a criminal organization and that the weapons stock was intended for carrying out liquidations and other violent crimes.

The penalties are higher than demanded by the Public Prosecution Service.

One of the weapons found contained DNA traces that matched profiles of two suspects from the 26Marengo investigation. That weapon also contained a DNA trace that appears to match DNA from the brother of Marengo main suspect Ridouan Taghi. This brother was convicted in Morocco for the murder of the son of a Moroccan judge in 2017.

Violent jobs

The court convicted four other men in the Alphen case for various violent crimes. They received sentences of up to seven years for, among other things, arson and prohibited possession of weapons. A fifth man has been acquitted of attempted serious assault due to insufficient evidence.

The eight suspects are Poles, who, according to the court, carried out violent jobs on behalf of others.

One of the suspects in the case was in contact with an important suspect in the investigation into the murder of Peter R. de Vries, the Pole Krystian M..

A number of suspects have been linked by the judiciary to failed assassination attempts. One of these is that of tattoo killer suspect Cor P. in early 2022 in the Dominican Republic.

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