Court: higher sentence for manslaughter and disposal of Lauranio Bronne’s body

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Court: higher sentence for manslaughter and disposal of Lauranio Bronne's body

On Thursday, the court in Amsterdam imposed a thirteen-year prison sentence on appeal on 30-year-old Hamid B. for shooting dead and dumping the body of Lauranio Bronne in Amsterdam-Geuzenveld in March 2021. The court previously imposed nine years in prison for B. on. Two co-suspects each receive one year in prison for carrying away and hiding the body.

Hamid B. and the victim are said to have had a conflict. When they were together in the cabin of a van, B. at some point held a firearm in the mouth of 22-year-old Lauranio Bronne from Assendelft. The gun went off and the victim was killed.


After this, the three suspects decided not to call the emergency services, but to drive away with Bronne’s body. They left him in a ditch on the Nico Broekhuysenweg in Amsterdam-Geuzenveld. They then left for Belgium and washed their clothes and bought new clothes. With these actions they wanted to conceal the fact and cause of death.

Bronne’s body was found by a passer-by in the ditch in Amsterdam Nieuw-West on March 12, 2021. Police investigation revealed that the victim had been shot somewhere else.


Main suspect Hamid B. also stated on appeal that it was an accident. He stated that the victim himself put his mouth around the barrel of the firearm, which caused a movement that caused the shot to be accidentally fired. The court finds this statement unbelievable and concludes that B. deliberately took the victim’s life.


The court previously imposed nine years in prison on B., the Public Prosecution Service demanded ten years in prison and TBS in September 2022. The court follows the demand of the Public Prosecution Service on appeal (thirteen years in prison) and finds a very long prison sentence appropriate and appropriate. B. committed the manslaughter in a way that shows that he had no respect for that person’s life at all. What he did after death only strengthens that conclusion.

Two co-suspects, 22-year-old Jahmal N. from Krommenie and 23-year-old Justin D. from Assendelft D., were sentenced to one year in prison for removing and hiding the body.

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