Council of State: third-country national may remain in shelter until final decision 01:28 in Binnenland , Politics A Tanzanian asked for a quick decision from the judge. At least he won’t have to leave until November.

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Temporary asylum reception on a boat in Velsen (illustrative)
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A Tanzanian man who has fled from Ukraine, a so-called ‘third-country national’, will in any case retain the right to reception in the Netherlands for the time being until the highest administrative court rules on this. This has been determined by the Council of State in an emergency ruling.

The government wants third-country nationals to leave the Netherlands by 4 September at the latest, unless they apply for and are granted asylum. Several of them then filed lawsuits against the State. In the meantime, there have been several court rulings, in which some judges rule that the third-country nationals may stay, while others, such as in the case of the Tanzanian, rule that the State is right.

More clarity

To create more clarity and unity about these rulings, a final ruling from the Council of State, the highest administrative court, is needed. This ruling will probably follow at the end of November, but because the Tanzanian actually had to leave the shelter on September 4, he applied for an urgent procedure with a request to stay in the shelter until then.

Today’s ruling only applies to the Tanzanian, says a spokesman for the Council of State. But he says the statement is indicative. “Every third-country national who now appeals against a decision that has turned out unfavorably and requests to be allowed to stay in the reception in the meantime, will receive the same provisional decision from us: that they may stay until a final decision has been made on their higher profession.”

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