Coulthard knows a way to stop Red Bull dominance: ‘That changes relationships per circuit’

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Coulthard knows a way to stop Red Bull dominance: 'That changes relationships per circuit'

David Coulthard thinks he knows how to increase the tension in Formula 1. The former driver of McLaren, among others, states that one rule change could be sufficient. According to the Scot, a ‘tire war’ could perhaps prevent the same driver or team from winning every weekend.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing had an unprecedented dominant season in 2023. Some people enjoyed the unique performance of the successful combination, but the dominance did not appeal to everyone. According to these people, Formula 1 is just a boring affair, they want to see an exciting battle at the front. Coulthard thinks he knows how F1 can increase the tension.

One simple change in the regulations could ensure this, the Scot believes. Before 2007, there were almost always multiple tire suppliers active in the premier class of motorsport, but Pirelli has been the only supplier in Formula 1 since 2011. According to the Scot, allowing multiple suppliers could possibly be a good way to reduce the Red Combat bull dominance.

“I don’t think there is really a desire for a tire battle now, but I do think it would be better,” Coulthard said in the Formula For Success podcast, as quoted by He explains why. ‘Sometimes Pirelli has the right tire for a particular circuit and sometimes a Bridgestone, for example, has the better tire. This changes the competitive balance on each track based on the only part that touches the ground, which is the tires.”

Jordan makes another suggestion

However, Eddie Jordan, Coulthard’s regular conversation partner in the podcast, is a lot less enthusiastic about his colleague’s idea. The former team boss thinks that such a ‘problem’ can only be solved in one way. “I don’t know how you can get competition without having to spend the big money again,” Jordan is certain.

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