Coulthard is annoyed by exaggerated reactions: “I already hear people calling for Horner to resign”

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Coulthard is annoyed by exaggerated reactions:

Former Red Bull Racing driver David Coulthard thinks the reactions to the investigation into team boss Christian Horner are exaggerated and hopes that people do not draw conclusions before there is more clarity about the situation. Eddie Jordan, Coulthard’s colleague on the Formula For Success podcast, also responds to the headlines about Max Verstappen’s 50-year-old team boss.

De Telegraaf opened the week with the news that Red Bull had opened an independent investigation into possible inappropriate behavior by Horner. Red Bull also confirmed that news, and it has now become clear that the Englishman will be interrogated by an external lawyer on Friday, February 9. Although there is plenty of speculation, it is not yet clear what Horner is accused of, although it seems certain that the accusation comes from one person.

Coulthard wants Horner to get a fair chance

Coulthard has worked closely with Horner in the past. The Scot was a driver for the team in its inaugural year in 2005, and stayed until 2008, when he retired and was replaced by a young Sebastian Vettel. Although Horner was the team boss and Coulthard the driver, Horner is only two years younger than the thirteen-time Grand Prix winner. Coulthard is still involved with Red Bull as an ambassador and regularly gives demonstrations in old cars. “We don’t know anything more,” says the 52-year-old, when Red Bull’s statement is discussed. Coulthard adds that Horner denies all allegations.

Although most followers are unsure what exactly is going on, there is already plenty of speculation, and that makes Coulthard angry. ‘I have already seen all kinds of exaggerated reactions, including on social media, from people calling on Christian to resign, or saying that he should be suspended, and other things like that. As always, everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves. I believe in Christian’s case this will happen on Friday. I don’t know anything else about it, but maybe we will get more clarity next week.’

Mr. Jordan is waiting for an answer

As a former team owner, Jordan also had dealings with Horner. Horner wanted to enter Formula 1 in 2004, and was urged by Bernie Ecclestone to talk to Jordan, who wanted to sell his own team at the time. However, the talks ultimately did not result in a deal, and Horner was eventually approached by Red Bull at the end of 2004, where he is still the team boss almost twenty years later.

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Coulthard is annoyed by exaggerated reactions:
Christian Horner, early 2023, at the presentation of the RB19.

“I fully agree with what you say,” the Irishman said. ‘Isn’t that the rule? As long as it is not proven that you are guilty, you must wait for the verdict. I have to add, and I’m sure you agree, that they should have clarity by next week at the latest,” Jordan said. “It would be very complicated to see a presentation of a car in Christian’s presence if all the questions have not yet been answered.”

However, Jordan points out that the desire for clarity is different from speculation. “As you say, people are already jumping to all kinds of conclusions, coming up with their own theories, and conspiracy theories,” the 75-year-old continues. The former team owner emphasizes once again that he wants to see clarity quickly. “I don’t think Christian will be present at the presentation of the car,” Jordan said about February 15, the day the RB20 will be taken down.

“The purpose of that presentation is to put the car in the spotlight, and to put Red Bull in the spotlight, and to move towards the 2024 season with hope,” says Jordan, who thinks the company will not want that the greatest attention goes to Horner. However, it seems that Horner will be a hot topic even in his absence.

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