Corona survey will last three years 16:32 in Politics The public hearings will probably be held from February 2025.

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The parliamentary inquiry into the corona crisis is expected to take just under three years. This is stated in the research proposal of the House of Representatives committee that is preparing the survey and the executive board of the House wants to adopt the design. The Chamber itself must also agree to it.

The actual committee of inquiry is likely to be set up before the summer break and, according to the proposal, a final report could be ready by early 2026.

Elections during survey

The public hearings should be held between February and September 2025. The preparatory committee does point out that elections to the House of Representatives are taking place during the survey, which may mean that the composition of the committee will change. And that may have implications for planning.

The daily board of the House emphasizes in an explanation that the investigation is extensive. And in view of the long duration, it is important “that the continuity of the composition during the investigation is guaranteed as much as possible when participating in the committee of inquiry”. The survey consists of file research, private preliminary interviews, public interviews and the writing and presentation of the research report.

Role Chamber and cabinet

The aim of the survey is to investigate all aspects of the corona policy and the measures taken. In doing so, the committee of inquiry examines, among other things, the role of the House of Representatives and the cabinet, the considerations between public health and other interests, the organization of the crisis organization and the way in which the cabinet has dealt with fundamental rights.

The research focuses on the period from the first signals from China about a new virus (end of 2019) to the scaling down of the measures in the Netherlands (spring of 2022).

PvdA member Khadija Arib was initially chair of the preparatory committee, but since she left the House, the committee has been led by acting chair Mariëlle Paul (VVD).

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