Controller – IT job vacancy in Netherlands

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Working location, salary/wage, working hours per week, education level required, and employer information are as follows:

Farmsum €3,200 – 4,500 per month 32 – 40 hours HBO

May 16, 2023

If you are an experienced document controller, we are looking for you! This is a full-time position for 32 to 40 hours per week. You will work at a waste processing company in Farmsum that is constantly working on innovation. It is a temporary position, where you will be directly employed by the company itself.

Contract with the client

32 to 40 hours

Organization thinks along with you in your development

Work within an innovative company

As a Document Manager with experience in document management and knowledge of DMS systems, you are the self-starting professional we are looking for. You have a passion for organizing and structuring documents and have excellent organizational skills. With an eye for detail, you ensure that everything ends up in the right place. You are able to tackle and supervise the project independently. With your problem-solving ability and proactive attitude, you take document management to a higher level. You communicate clearly and effectively, allowing you to contact German suppliers if necessary. In addition, you have an excellent command of both the Dutch and English language, both orally and in writing. This enables you to create accurate documentation and communicate effectively with colleagues and suppliers.

As a Document Manager, you will be responsible for guiding our team through this process. In addition, there is also a debris clearance aspect, where various documents on our G-drive may not yet be included in the DMS system and need to be added. The ultimate goal is to clean up all technical documents on the network (G-drive) so that they can only be accessed via the DMS system. – Guiding: You will guide the team in arranging, renaming and structuring documents in the DMS system. You take a proactive role and ensure that the process runs smoothly. – Clearing debris: You identify the documents on the G drive that may not yet be in the DMS system and add them to the correct location in the system. You ensure that all relevant documents are integrated. – Technical documents: A specific area of ​​attention is the technical documents received after the construction of the third line. You ensure that these documents are accurately entered into the DMS system. If necessary, you maintain contact with German suppliers to obtain missing documents.- Structure and accessibility: You guarantee a consistent and logical structure within the DMS system, so that all documents can be easily found and accessed. You ensure that the network (G drive) eventually no longer contains documents that are available outside the DMS system.

EEW Energy from Waste (EEW) in Farmsum is a leading company that specializes in the efficient and sustainable conversion of waste into clean energy, using advanced combustion technologies and modern flue gas cleaning techniques.

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Steven Boatswain


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