Controlled drive to success by Verstappen and Hamilton: ‘Life and career under control’

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Controlled drive to success by Verstappen and Hamilton: 'Life and career under control'

F1 journalist Peter Windsor has expressed his admiration for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who he believes are not only exceptional drivers, but the two world champions are also smart at directing their own careers. In a recent YouTube live stream, Windsor emphasized the importance of intelligence and self-control for success in Formula 1.

Windsor praised Hamilton’s intelligence as a crucial factor behind his success. ‘I think one of the reasons Lewis is so successful is because he is very intelligent, and he is intelligent enough to know how to manage his life and career and how to maintain his motivation and drive. He did that very well,” the journalist said. He also acknowledged the criticism Hamilton has received for his lifestyle outside F1, but praised him for taking the necessary distance to maintain his on-track performance.

Other norms and values

According to Windsor, Hamilton has undergone a transformation over the years. “I think it’s an interesting Lewis that we’re seeing now because I don’t think it’s the same Lewis that we had in 2007, 2008,” he noted. Windsor believes Hamilton is now more selective in his efforts, only willing to give his all if he feels comfortable in the car.

The Brit also drew parallels with Fernando Alonso, who he says is also managing his career intelligently. “This is a good example of someone who is in good control of his career, a bit like Lewis, but in very different ways outside the racing world,” Windsor explained. He praised Alonso’s ability to live his life in his own way while still maintaining control of his racing career.

Verstappen similar

Finally, Windsor suggested that both Hamilton and Verstappen were unlikely to fall into the trap that drivers such as Michael Schumacher have fallen into after retirement. ‘I can’t imagine Lewis ever finding himself in a situation like that, if you know what I mean, and I don’t think Max will either. I think he has his life and career under very good control,” Windsor concluded.

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