Commentary round on the abortion pill initiative bill via GP has started

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An initiative law is ready that will ensure that a woman can go to her GP for the abortion pill in the event of an unwanted pregnancy up to nine weeks. This law also regulates matters such as training and registration requirements.

In 2022, more than 35 thousand terminations of pregnancy will take place in the Netherlands, more than a third of which will be through medication. For this purpose, a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy can now only go to hospitals or abortion clinics that have a permit. The initiative law also allows women up to nine weeks of pregnancy to go to their GP for the abortion pill under certain conditions. The Senate and House of Representatives have already approved the bill.

Registration obligation

Hospitals and clinics annually report a mandatory set of data on pregnancy terminations to the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ). This registration obligation will also apply to general practitioners. However, some adjustments have been made to limit the administrative burden. For example, a general practitioner does not have to complete the reporting form if he or she has not terminated an unwanted pregnancy that calendar year. GPs who did so only need to complete part of the form. In addition, unlike hospitals and clinics, general practitioners are not allowed to provide data directly to the IGJ. That is why the National Flu Prevention Program Foundation (SNPG) has been introduced as an intermediary. A link will be provided on the SNPG platform to access the IGJ platform.


The explanatory memorandum to the initiative law also discusses in detail the quality and care requirements and the content of the accredited training that general practitioners must follow. This includes guidance in decision-making, prescription of the abortion pill, aftercare and the registration obligation. The initiative law also applies to general practitioners who work in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. That is why the training, which can largely be done via e-learning, is also offered in English.


There has been discussion among general practitioners about this initiative law for some time now. The internet consultation round is currently taking place. Proponents and opponents can comment until December 3. The initiators of the law previously indicated that they expected that approximately four to eight thousand general practitioners would actually offer medical termination of pregnancy.

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