Colombian bananas with cocaine in Uitgeest

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On Thursday, 350 kilos of cocaine were found at a fruit company in Uitgeest. According to the FIOD, the drugs were found between a load of bananas. The shipment came from Colombia.


The stamp “Titan” was placed on the pressed kilo blocks. Cocaine manufacturers always stamp the blocks so that the owner of a particular shipment is clear.

The FIOD estimates the street value of the cocaine, if it had been cut and sold in retail, at 25 million euros. That amounts to more than 71,000 per kilo. The kilo price in the wholesale trade is about one third.


The drugs have since been destroyed. The company in Uitgeest where the cocaine was found probably has nothing to do with the smuggling. No one has been arrested.

HARC Amsterdam Noord-Holland is investigating the matter. The HARC is a partnership of the FIOD, Customs and the police.

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