COA: three quarters of employees are victims of undesirable behavior 02:02 in the Netherlands This mainly concerns verbal abuse, intimidation and threats. Nearly one in three employees also say that they have been victims of undesirable behavior by colleagues.

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Emergency shelter for refugees in Enschede
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Three quarters of employees in asylum seeker centers have had to deal with undesirable behavior from a resident one or more times. The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) reports this after a survey among staff. This mainly concerns name-calling, intimidation and threats, reports the ANP news agency.

Earlier this year, the reception organization conducted research into the working conditions within COA. In that survey, almost one in three employees said that they had been victims of unwanted behavior by colleagues. This mainly concerns exclusion, intimidation and bullying, says the COA.

The situation has not improved in recent years: four years ago, more than half of COA employees said they had encountered undesirable behavior by residents. More than a quarter of employees said they had been victims of undesirable behavior by colleagues.


“Undesirable behavior affects job satisfaction and causes a lot of stress,” says COA CEO Milo Schoenmaker. “It is unacceptable that employees, who often already experience a high workload, suffer from this.”

According to Schoenmaker, “retaining enthusiastic and committed employees is a priority”. The organization says it is working to tackle undesirable behavior among both residents and employees.

According to the COA, the survey also shows that 84 percent of employees are satisfied or very satisfied with working at the asylum reception organization, and many people enjoy their work.

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