‘Clause in contract should prevent Hamilton from taking Mercedes staff to Ferrari’

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'Clause in contract should prevent Hamilton from taking Mercedes staff to Ferrari'

It will be very difficult for Lewis Hamilton to take important figures from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025. The contract he signed in 2023 contains a specific clause that prevents this, according to the Italian branch of Motorsport.com. It is suggested that the seven-time world champion should bring racing engineer Peter Bonnington with him, but that seems to be an option.

Last week, shock waves went through the Formula 1 world after Italian media reported that Hamilton was close to an agreement with Ferrari. These sounds were initially presented as persistent rumors, but the story was completely based on the truth. The same day, both Mercedes and Ferrari announced that the 103-time race winner would make the switch to Maranello. This ends his long-term partnership with Mercedes.

It became a successful collaboration with Mercedes. The driver won six drivers’ titles with the German racing team and together with the team he also won eight constructors’ championships. Bonnington was always by his side during this period, but there is a good chance that Hamilton will have to deal with another racing engineer at Ferrari. Toto Wolff previously indicated that he knows discussions are coming, but he may be able to avoid them.

Personnel transfers cannot take place in Hamilton’s case due to a specific clause in his Mercedes contract. As part of the terms of the deal signed between Hamilton and Mercedes last summer, a specific clause was reportedly included to prevent team members from being lured away if the driver switched teams. This means that Mercedes really seems to have prepared for Hamilton’s departure. After all, Wolff was not surprised that the Briton left.

Hamilton situation not unique

Both scenarios are certainly not unique. Michael Schumacher also brought important figures with him at the time of his switch to Ferrari, such as Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn. Sebastian Vettel had a clause in his contract that prevented him from bringing his racing engineer to the Italian racing stable. However, it is not yet completely ruled out that Bonnington will also leave for Maranello. It only ensures that Mercedes’ negotiating position is a lot stronger.

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