ChristenUnie does not exclude cooperation with BBB

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The ChristenUnie is currently on a slight loss in the polls for the Provincial Council elections. It is expected that part of the supporters will transfer to the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB). The brand new party leader of the ChristenUnie, Mirjam Bikker, does not rule out cooperation with that party. “We do agree on a few things.”


According to Bikker, both the ChristenUnie and the BBB believe that farmers should be more involved in negotiations about the future of agriculture. Bikker says that farmers have been living in uncertainty for too long. But there are also points where the parties do not agree, for example in the field of asylum policy. ‘That difference of opinion is a starting point for me,’ says Bikker.

“The PVV and Forum do not seem to me to inspire confidence to work with”

Mirjam Bikker, party leader ChristenUnie

The leader of the ChristenUnie therefore does not rule out cooperation with the BoerBurgerBeweging. But Bikker does not see a partner in the PVV and Forum for Democracy. ‘These are parties that I think are less confidence-inspiring to work with. But otherwise I don’t exclude anyone.’

Closing poll

Political reporter Sophie van Leeuwen states that according to the final poll of the INO, the ChristenUnie receives four percent of the votes in the Provincial Council elections. ‘In the previous Provincial Council elections that was five percent. But of course you are a government party and then you really get it at the moment,’ explains Van Leeuwen.

It could be a lot worse, because the supporters of the ChristenUnie seem more loyal than those of the CDA. ‘They drop from nine to three seats at the INO. You can also look at it that way, light loss is better, “said the political reporter.

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Party leader of the ChristenUnie, Mirjam Bikker, does not exclude cooperation with the BoerBurgerBeweging. (ANP / Fotopersburo Dijkstra bv)

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