Chipmaker ASML continues to grow, despite uncertain situation China 08:27 in Economy In the first quarter of this year, the company made almost three times as much profit as a year earlier.

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Chip machine manufacturer ASML continues to grow. In the first quarter of this year, the chip machine maker recorded a turnover of 6.7 billion euros. Last year this was still 3.5 billion. The profit was about 2 billion euros, almost three times as much as a year earlier.

Sales and profit were higher than the company had expected. According to ASML, this is because systems were installed at customers earlier than previously thought.

The chip machine maker still has a queue of orders worth around 39 billion euros. The figures of the last few months showed that the number of orders is declining.

China restrictions

ASML is currently not allowed to sell new models of its chip machines to China and the United States wants additional restrictions to be added. In March this year, further restrictions were already imposed on the export of the chip machines.

The company itself said at the time that these new restrictions would not have a major impact, because they only concern the most advanced technologies. ASML can therefore continue to sell the more common technology.

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  • China is angry about ASML restrictions, but is not striking back yet
  • Chip machine maker ASML continues to grow, but is uncertain about China
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