Chinese also attend Sunday mass during Pope’s four-day visit to Mongolia 16:10 Abroad Pope Francis will conclude his four-day visit to the predominantly Buddhist country tomorrow. He led Sunday Mass in the presence of hundreds of believers.

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The pope in the Mongolian capital of Ulanbaatar
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Pope Francis has led Sunday Mass in Mongolia for a large portion of the country’s Catholics. Hundreds of worshipers gathered in the Steppe Arena in the capital Ulaanbaatar, where ice hockey is normally played. Of the more than 3.3 million Mongols, an estimated 1450 are Catholic.

Francis is the first pope ever to visit Mongolia. The visit also aims to improve relations between the church and China. The bishop of Hong Kong and about 40 other Chinese attended Mass, and the pope called on Catholics in China to be “good Christians and good citizens”.

Greetings to China

“I would like to take the opportunity to send my warmest regards to the noble Chinese,” the pope said at the end of the mass. “I wish all Chinese people well.” Francis said yesterday that the Catholic Church has no political agenda. He seemed to be directing that message to China. Secular authorities therefore have nothing to fear from the church, the pope said.

The pope arrived on Friday for a four-day visit to the predominantly Buddhist country. He was warmly welcomed:

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