Childcare where girl (3) died closed today, police investigation ongoing 12:21 in Regional news The victim was found yesterday on the outside area of ​​the daycare center. Much is still unclear about the circumstances.

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Police at the daycare where the girl died

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The 3-year-old girl who died yesterday at a daycare center in Empel near Den Bosch appears to have suffocated by a ribbon she had hanging around her neck. The police assume it was a fatal accident. This is reported by Omroep Brabant.

The girl was found yesterday around 1 p.m. on the outside area of ​​the daycare center and was no longer approachable. Emergency services tried to save her, but help was to no avail.

The director of the daycare announced today that the victim was a daughter of one of the daycare employees.

Childcare closed

According to the director, the event made a great impression on the children and touched the parents and employees. That is why the childcare center was closed all day.

“We will do everything we can in the coming period to support parents, children and our employees where necessary,” the director indicated. She also asked “everyone to support each other” and to take the feelings of those involved into account.

  • 3-year-old girl died at childcare near Den Bosch
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