Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – IT job in Netherlands

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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

 – IT job in Netherlands

Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

Municipality of Opmeer

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Apply no later than Sunday, April 2, 2023

  • Lake
  • 32 hours

  • 3090 – 4671
  • HBO

Job offer

As Chief Information Security Officer you work on the information security of our Municipality. You are the spider in the web when it comes to the security of information within our municipality. You have an independent role and you advise both solicited and unsolicited the board and the MT on the strategic course, tactical choices and the operational measures to be taken to promote and safeguard information security. Would you like to take our municipality to a higher level of information security? Then this vacancy might be something for you!

If you work at the municipality of Opmeer, you will be part of a fun and informal organization with short lines and a lot of responsibility. You soon find yourself at the table with those who make the decisions.? Opmeer is a small organization, but just large enough for an interesting and wide range of tasks. You contribute to the public interest: your work therefore matters. An organization where you are in charge of your own work and development. This makes it attractive to work in Opmeer and allows us to make optimal use of your strengths.

What are you going to do?

As Chief Information Security Officer you work within the frameworks established by the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO). You are able to translate these frameworks to our organization. In addition to the CISO, there is also a Data Protection Officer and Privacy Officer. So you don’t do it alone.


  • You determine the information security policy of the municipality of Opmeer. You are responsible for the organization, management and supervision of the Information Security Policy. You do this in line with the needs and risk appetite of the organization.
  • Proactively investigate the risks in business operations and follow developments in legislation and regulations and ICT standards in relation to your field. You signal this in time and you make improvement proposals for process owners.
  • You are also responsible for coordinating the response to (the threat of) serious information security or ICT incidents and you act as the first discussion partner for board and management.

To advise

  • You have an independent role and you advise both solicited and unsolicited the board and the MT on the strategic course, tactical choices and the operational measures to be taken to promote and safeguard information security.
  • You are the first point of contact for departments and you advise them on security aspects of information issues.

Conversation and sparring partner

  • You are an important sparring partner for the Data Protection Officer and Privacy Officer. You are also a sparring partner of the board and MT, in particular from the I&P and I&G units.
  • Participant in the consultation unit I&G and DeSom where you have an important role in advising on the relevant safety aspects in the various (local and regional) projects.
  • You are a delegated client to and discussion partner of the IT auditor on behalf of ENSIA.

ENSIA Coordinator

  • As a CISO, you are also the ENSIA coordinator in this versatile position. You ensure that everyone has access to the ENSIA tool and you manage the ENSIA project groups. You are responsible for properly aligning and going through the ENSIA process and therefore enable the Municipal Executive to provide proper and timely accountability to the city council.
  • You manage the ENSIA accountability process, you supervise compliance, you are critical of the content of the accountability and you prepare the final report.

Where are you going to work?

As a CISO, you are part of the Information Security and Privacy Audits unit, which is managed by the Head of Support in collaboration with the I&G Coordinator. From a close I-collaboration with the municipality of Koggenland, you also work closely with the specialists in your field of this municipality.

The department under which you will be working is the Support department. The Support department has various units, including financial policy & control, HR, legal quality assurance, communication, information and data management and legal affairs.

The purchasing advisor, Privacy Officer, Security Officer (CISO) and the Data Protection Officer are also part of the department.

The organization is developing rapidly. Much remains to be done in the coming years. Even though the municipality is small, Opmeer wants to remain an independent municipality. That is why we want to be well equipped to perform all our tasks properly. We want to remain fully present at regional affairs and actively take up new developments, where necessary in collaboration with partners. We can make good use of your ideas and your knowledge.

The Municipality of Opmeer has a lot to offer you. Employees describe the working environment as a warm bath. Everyone is very helpful, mistakes are allowed and everyone is approachable in an informal way (yes, even the mayor). Because it is a small municipality, you quickly build a personal relationship with everyone in the organization. Working for the municipality of Opmeer means working in your natural environment.

Who are you?

Information security is important for the entire Opmeer organization. That is why we ask you to be able to communicate well on both an operational and a strategic level. You continuously draw attention to the importance of information security within the municipality of Opmeer. You create awareness and you work closely with colleagues such as the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer and the Information Manager and colleagues from the various professional departments. You also look for sparring partners at the municipality of Koggenland.

A professional with a good feeling for ICT aspects.

  • You are an energetic, enthusiastic and open personality. You work creatively, think in terms of solutions and are easily approachable for colleagues.
  • Working in a team gives you energy and you think it’s normal to address each other. Your motto: together you achieve more.
  • You are a connector and service provider; curious and involved. You easily put yourself in the mind of the colleague and are able to work out different options.
  • You are a solid discussion and sparring partner for colleagues who you can inspire and motivate.
  • You have a healthy dose of guts and are capable of thinking differently and innovating. You look ahead, with a sharp, wide view and mirror.
  • In daily practice you are an enthusiastic worker, who works decisively and result-oriented.
  • You also have a sense of administrative relationships.

We ask

  • At least a completed HBO education, preferably in the field of risk management, business administration or computer science.
  • Minimum relevant work experience as a CISO and/or ISO employee.
  • Knowledge of the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) and ISO 27001.


You have the core competencies that the municipality of Opmeer asks of its employees: professionalism based on independence, task maturity and substantive craftsmanship. You are also able to work in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner. Integrity is a matter of course for you.

Specifically you have:

  • A positive, critical sparring partner, who is able to connect with colleagues.
  • Persuasiveness to convey the importance of the importance of information security.
  • You are environmentally sensitive.
  • You act proactively, independently and take initiative.
  • You can work well together and coordinate.

What do we offer?

You get an exciting position with a lot of variety. Working in Opmeer means short lines and a lot of responsibility. We stimulate development on both a personal and professional level with a very interesting training policy.

The salary for this position depends on education and experience and is valued in scale 10. With a 36-hour working week, this is a minimum of €3,090 and a maximum of €4,671 per month (reference date 1 April 2022).

In addition, you have access to:

  • A freely disposable budget: the Individual Choice Budget (IKB). This is 17.05% of your salary.
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Possibility to work from home (laptop, telephone and incl. a fee for your home workplace);
  • Paid parental leave;
  • Buying and selling your leave hours;
  • Travel allowance for commuting.

Knowing more?

For substantive questions about this position, please contact Eduard Kerssemakers, head of the support department, telephone: 0226-363369. Information about the application procedure can be obtained from Nico Bleeker of the P&O unit, telephone 0226 363374.

More information about this vacancy?

Please contact Nick Feller van Opmeer (

0226-363 333)

About the organization

Working for the municipality of Opmeer means working for a small employer. Working in Opmeer also means being open to a new role for the government. That you also dare to look beyond the boundaries of your profession. That you like working together. That you have an eye for political relations and the social consequences of policy. Working in Opmeer means working on quality. Because we want to continuously improve our services.

more about Municipality of Opmeer >


Poppy 1

1716 VS Opmeer

0226 363333

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