Charles asks subjects to swear allegiance at coronation 16:35 in Royal House The Tribute of the People is one of the new parts of the coronation ceremony, which of course also contains many traditional parts.

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Charles III and Camilla
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The British King Charles will ask subjects worldwide to swear allegiance to him during his coronation. From the liturgy published today for Saturday’s ceremony, the “choir of millions of voices” is called a Tribute of the People.

“I swear indeed to be faithful to Your Majesty, and to your successors,” the participants at home and Westminster Abbey are asked to pronounce, concluding with “So help me God almighty.” When the Archbishop of Canterbury then shouts “Long live the King”, the people must reply “Long live King Charles, may he live forever”.

This part comes just after Charles’s official accession to the throne, when the archbishop himself and his son William have sworn allegiance to the king. It replaces the traditional Nobility Tribute that always followed, when the British nobles officially recognized their feudal lord.

“This is a new and important moment in the coronation tradition,” the archdiocese said in a statement. “Never before has the general public been given the opportunity to join national figures in declaring their allegiance to the new monarch.”

Spurs, Empire sword and wristbands

Charles also modified other parts of the coronation, according to the released liturgy. For the first time, there is also a role for leaders of other religious communities, such as Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Sikhs. For example, they present the king with regalia that are not explicitly linked to the Christian faith, such as the royal spurs, the imperial sword and traditional wristbands.

“This service contains new elements that reflect the diversity of our society today,” Archbishop Welby said of the changes. “I pray that everyone who participates in this ceremony, religious or not, will find ancient wisdom and new hope that bring inspiration and joy.”

Another innovation that Charles introduced after the last coronation, that of his mother 70 years ago, is the use of all four languages ​​of the United Kingdom. Originally only used in English, now there is also a chant in Welsh, Scottish and Irish Gaelic and a new kyrie prayer in Welsh, Arglwydd, trugarha (Lord, have mercy).

Most sacred moment

In addition to the new elements, there will also be enough parts that have lasted for centuries. The Coronation Chair has been used since 1399. The chair accommodates the Stone of Scone, which has been used since time immemorial to crown Scottish and later British kings.

The clothes Charles wears are also traditional: it is the crimson and purple silk velvet cloak that his grandfather George VI wore to his coronation in 1937. Camilla’s cloak, once made for Charles’ mother, has some personal details added: insects like bees and beetles, a reference to the royal couple’s love of nature.

This is how King Charles is crowned:

Crown jewels, holy oil and balcony scene: this is how Charles is crowned

The holiest moment of the coronation will not be seen this time either. The archbishop’s anointing will be obscured by screens. Also at the coronation of Elizabeth, the first to be broadcast on TV, the cameras then switched away respectfully.

The screens “represent the presence of God at this sacrament,” the diocese explains. “This is the only moment of privacy the king has during the service, so that he can contemplate how he has been called by God.” The Archbishop will then anoint Charles’s head, chest and hands with oil from the Mount of Olives, consecrated by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch and the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem.

The ceremony concludes with a congratulations from the religious leaders involved to the crowned king, as leader of the Anglican Church and their “neighbor in the faith”. That proclamation will not be electronically amplified so that the Jewish representative does not break the rules of the Sabbath.

The first fans are now ready to catch a glimpse of the new king on the day itself:

This fan is now ready for the coronation of King Charles III
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