Chamber wants the Netherlands to vote against the authorization of the weed killer glyphosate Yesterday, 4:30 PM in Politics A majority in the Chamber supports the call from the Party for the Animals and GroenLinks for the cabinet to vote against the European authorization.

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A potato field is being irrigated.
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The Netherlands must vote against the European authorization of the herbicide glyphosate next month. A majority in the House of Representatives thinks so.

In October, Agriculture Minister Adema must vote in the European Commission on behalf of the Netherlands on a proposal to reauthorize glyphosate, a product used in agriculture to protect crops against weeds, for a period of fifteen years. At the initiative of the Party for the Animals and GroenLinks, a majority in Parliament is calling on him to vote against.

Insufficiently known

According to GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals, several scientific studies link the use of glyphosate and Parkinson’s disease. They also point out that glyphosate may be carcinogenic.

According to the two parties, the food safety organization EFSA recognizes that not enough is known about the relationship between toxic residues on food and effects on bacteria in the intestines.

They further point out the harmfulness of glyphosate to biodiversity, including aquatic life and bees, and the risk to drinking water extraction.

Additional research

Minister Adema says in response that the cabinet has not yet taken a position. The European Chemicals Agency has previously said there is no reason to suspect glyphosate is carcinogenic. Less is known about the harmful effects on the human nervous system. That is why Adema wants to wait for the results of additional research.

According to Adema, the motion now comes too early. “It is an important theme, also for agriculture. I therefore want to do this in a careful manner,” he said in a parliamentary debate. But the parties did not agree, because the investigation could take years. That is why they are calling on the cabinet to vote against it in October. Adema will reportedly inform the House of the cabinet position before the vote in Brussels.

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