CES 2024: the craziest gadgets on display at CES 2024

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CES 2024: the craziest gadgets on display at CES 2024

Translucent TVs, robots, bi-folding phones and more: CES 2024 is ON. We see all kinds of strange gadgets and inventions passing by and that’s a treat. These are the craziest gadgets we’ve come across so far.


We know Withings from the scales and other ‘health’ tech. Now it comes up with something like that again: BeamO. This is a device that measures your blood oxygen, can make ECGs and can also measure your body temperature, without having to put anything in holes. The data is then recorded in an app and you then have a nice overview in that app that you can show to your doctor, for example. The device has not yet been approved by Europe’s consumer watchdog, but it is being worked on. Costs? Around 250 euros.

AI smart home robot

LG has developed a small robot on wheels that looks a bit silly, but is actually very funny and attracts attention. It’s kind of like a pet, but it will let you know. He checks how you feel and can then, for example, turn on music that suits that mood. Nice if you are in a party mood, but if you have become aggressive from that colleague who just doesn’t listen, it can be an intense evening. And that from such a cute device.


Garmin comes with a gadget that is not very crazy, but stands out. It is a heart rate monitor especially for women. Not that a woman’s heart should be measured so differently, but more because wearing a heart rate monitor is quite a crime with a sports bra on. It will rub quickly, is not in the right place and therefore you cannot accurately rely on the measurements. Simply clip HRM-Fit onto your sports bra and you can exercise with peace of mind: whether that’s running, fitness or something else. The device costs about 150 euros.

Wow Mouse

Wow Mouse is a funny invention, because it doesn’t actually feel new at all. It’s a DoublePoint mouse, but it’s based on technology that’s in your wearable. This way you can use a mouse on your tablet with your smartwatch. Be sure to watch the video below to get a better idea of ​​it, but you can make gestures with your fingers that are translated on the screen. Currently it does not work for iPad, but for Wear OS, which is present on Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, among others.

AI dog food bowl

You will only have one dog and have difficulty keeping pace: the dog will then simply follow along with you. With the AI ​​dog food bowl from Ilume, that should be a thing of the past. It is a combination of a food bowl with a dog band and that band tracks the dog’s movement like a smartwatch, with AI to determine how much food is appropriate. This way you ensure that your dog maintains a certain amount of weight, and you don’t have to worry about having a child yourself. Well, you can still give the hugs: wonderful.


In terms of craziness, there is only one real CES winner and that is Samsung. His robot Ballie is a kind of ball, and a kind of robot, and all in all it is mainly a strange sensation. It’s actually a kind of personal assistant that follows you around. It was already announced at CES in 2020, but has now been improved with more AI. It can even project photos onto the wall. But hey, it’s still a ball. And his name is Ballie…

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