CDA wants to put ‘neglected themes’ back on the map "I would say: always choose the original."

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CDA leader Henri Bontenbal is questioned about the CDA election program
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The CDA wants to go back to basics with the election programme. “We have neglected a number of themes and we are putting them back on the map,” said party leader Henri Bontenbal at the presentation of the draft programme. He mentioned, among other things, the growing inequality, norms and values ​​and the family.

The title of the program is ‘Do justice; a hopeful agenda for the whole of the Netherlands’. According to the CDA, three “renewal movements” must be set in motion “together with everyone of good will”.

Firstly, there should be fewer rules and more room for citizens. According to the party, the lust for rules “mainly leads to a system of mistrust and a false sense of security”. In addition, the Netherlands must move towards a culture “of solidarity and a sense of community”, according to the Christian Democrats.

Furthermore, the CDA believes that the focus should shift from “short-term profit to sustainable values”. Companies should want to contribute to the country, rather than just aiming to make as much money as possible.

Lelystad and the wolf

The election program contains a few striking concrete points. For example, the party opposes the opening of Lelystad Airport. According to the CDA, there is no place for the wolf in the Netherlands. That animal must be “expelled”.

Furthermore, the CDA does not want road pricing in the countryside and agriculture and horticulture will receive help from the party. The sector must become more sustainable, but at a pace that the sector “can experience it”.


When asked, Bontenbal discussed the election battle with former CDA members Mona Keijzer (number 2 on the BBB list) and Pieter Omtzigt, who has founded his own party NSC. “I would say: always choose the original.”

According to Bontenbal, BBB is not a Christian Democratic party “if you look at which people have already come under their roof”. The CDA leader referred to Lilian Helder of the PVV and Nicky Pouw-Verweij and Derk Jan Eppink of JA21 (previously FvD).

Bontenbal praises competitor Omtzigt for all the abuses he has denounced in the past. “But I think we also have to put down a hopeful agenda.”

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