CDA puts family first again and wants to simplify leave arrangements

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The CDA wants “rest, space and a strong ring around families”. The party, which has always profiled itself as a family party, believes that politics should be more involved in family policy and education. “A good family policy is an end in itself. The formative function of families and family for society follows from this”, says a memorandum from CDA MP Palland.

The CDA makes dozens of proposals. The party wants, among other things, a “decent minimum subsistence for every family”. Every four years, it must be assessed whether a family can survive on the social minimum. Furthermore, child schemes such as child benefit and the child-related budget must be expanded and the consequences for children must be monitored separately in the annual purchasing power charts. And for all government decisions, the effects on families must be mapped out.

Easier leave

The CDA also wants the system of leave arrangements to be thoroughly simplified. New agreements would have to be made for this, with the interests of the family first. If it is up to the CDA, the maximum age of a child for which parents can get parental leave will go from 8 to 18.

The party also wants more attention for the importance of joint holidays and Sunday as a day of rest or family: “For a long time this may have sounded like an old-fashioned point, but times have changed. Society has a great need for connection and relaxation. a day off together is important.”


As a follow-up to the “voluntary service year” at Defense, the CDA advocates compulsory military service. The memorandum also proposes, among other things, a ban on the use of mobile phones in the classroom in primary and secondary education.

The party also wants a reorganization of the school week, so that activities can be spread out more and the pressure on families is relieved. And school buildings could play a more important role as meeting points in the neighbourhood.

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