CDA ministers: BBB profit calls for a different nitrogen approach 13:07 in Politics Minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs and De Jonge for Housing say that the cabinet should take the large profit of BBB into account.

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Minister De Jonge (CDA) before the start of the Council of Ministers
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CDA leader and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoekstra believes that the cabinet cannot continue on the path it has taken with nitrogen policy, after the BoerBurgerBeweging’s major election victory. “We can’t go back to the order of the day,” he said before going to the Council of Ministers.

Hoekstra did not mention any examples of what should be done differently. “The how and what I can’t tell you here,” he told journalists.

Earlier this morning, Minister De Jonge for Housing already said that the cabinet cannot now say ‘we will just move on’. When asked about nitrogen policy, he said: “We really need to weigh up what is needed on a number of topics.”

Agriculture minister Adema of the ChristenUnie spoke of a personal assignment that he received from the voter. “It makes it clear to me that the Netherlands has stated that there must be prospects for the farmers.”

In general, Hoekstra also believes that the cabinet cannot continue “without consequence”. According to him, things need to change, both in the content and in “the style” of government policy. He called the election result a landslide with a crystal clear signal. “Also for us as CDA and me as party leader,” said Hoekstra. “There is a gaping hole between the Binnenhof and the rest of the Netherlands.”

The blow of the election result has hit the CDA hard, De Jonge also said. “At the CDA, we have always been able to bridge that gap. But farmers and citizens apparently do not find that support with us, while others do. We have to take that into account.”

Talk to BBB

VVD State Secretary Van der Burg of Asylum Affairs said that a large proportion of BBB voters have indicated that they are dissatisfied with the cabinet. “The cabinet and a large part of the House of Representatives have to scratch their heads.”

He expects his party and the CDA to discuss cooperation in the provincial government with BBB in the provinces. “If you look at majorities that are needed, and the fact that D66, PvdA and GL say they do not want that, then that is obvious.”

Before the start of the Council of Ministers, D66 leader Kaag did not want to say more than that the country faces major challenges and her party is always looking for solutions. VVD minister Van der Wal wants to look at the situation step by step and first “let the dust settle”.

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