Carnival Sunday: going to church, large parades and bustle in Den Bosch

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Mayor Bruls of Nijmegen, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood
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Carnival celebrations are going out again today in many places in the country. Sunday is traditionally the day of the large parades spread across the country.

Although many carnival celebrants have already had a day of partying, in some places Sunday is the day on which carnival officially starts. For example, the Prince of Oeteldonk (Den Bosch) announced the official start of carnival this afternoon at noon. Around 3.45 pm it was so busy in the city that the municipality called on people not to come to the center of Den Bosch, but to celebrate carnival “elsewhere”.

The carnival mass started in Zaltbommel at 11.11 am:

Church packed for carnival mass: partying in the evening, going to church in the morning, that’s how it should be’

In Horst aan de Maas in Limburg, the mayor gave the key to the city to the Prince Carnival this morning. This means that the prince will then be in charge of the municipality for three days. Carnival officially lasts three days, from today to Tuesday. But in Eindhoven, for example, the party started on Friday afternoon. In other places, the key transfer was already on Saturday afternoon.

Others started the day at a traditional carnival mass. Mayor Bruls van Nijmegen, for example, attended mass in the Molenstraatkerk. The Catharina Church in Eindhoven was also full this morning with hundreds of dressed up people.

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    Dressed up visitors during the carnival mass in Nijmegen
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    Mayor Bruls (left) at the carnival mass in Nijmegen
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    Knakworstrunen in Beugen
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    Carnival Mass in Nijmegen
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    The Prince of Horst holds the key
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    Spectators of all ages at the parade in Maastricht
  • Corrado Francke
    Bending over during the parade in Tilburg

Thousands of people visited the big parades this afternoon in Tilburg, Maastricht, Weert, Groesbeek and Etten-Leur, among others. In Zwaag in North Holland, about 50 floats and groups took part in the “largest parade above the rivers”, according to NH Nieuws.

The Grote Twentse Carnival Parade moved through the Oldenzaal city center from 12.30 pm. In this parade, a woman was injured after part of a float fell on her, writes RTV Oost. The car was removed from the parade. According to the mayor of Oldenzaal, the woman’s injuries are not too bad.

Here and there, Sunday is the day for unique traditions. For example, Beugen in Brabant was dominated by the Knakworstrennen this morning. The race in which people have to cover a distance on each other’s backs has been held since 1985 and is officially intangible heritage in the Netherlands. The winner may call himself Knakworst King or Queen.

The tradition is not to be confused with the Metworst race, which takes place tomorrow. This is an ancient horse race that is held every year on Carnival Monday in Boxmeer.

Hardstyle carnival

Those who wanted a less traditional carnival could go to Moergestel today, where thousands of people come together for Karnaval Festival, a carnival-style hardstyle party. In two days, the festival attracts more than 35,000 visitors.

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