Car went up in flames on Aagje van Vlietstraat

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Rotterdam – On Thursday, January 25, a car went up in flames on the Aagje van Vlietstraat. Witnesses indicate that two people threw a burning object over the fence that landed on the vehicle. The police have started an investigation and witnesses are welcome.

The residents were startled by the fire around 10:15 p.m. After their report, the emergency services arrived quickly. The police immediately started an investigation, but this has not yet led to any suspects. Traces have been collected and local residents are being spoken to as to whether they may have seen anything of what happened.

Camera images from the area can help with the investigation. Do you have those images and haven’t you shared them with us yet? Or do you have other information? You can share it using the options below.

Call the police


Call the Criminal Intelligence Team

088 – 661 77 34

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