Car drove into Sierenborch catering establishment

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Amsterdam – In the night of Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 15 March 2023, a car drove into a catering facility on Sierenborch. A fire then broke out in/near the vehicle. After this fire was extinguished, no one was in the vehicle and there were no injuries. However, the building itself suffered a lot of damage. The detective suspects that there may be intent and would like to get in touch with any witnesses and / or people with camera images of the incident.

Around 02.40 am it became clear that something was going on at the catering building on Sierenborch. Emergency services went to the scene and found a burning car in the building. The fire service then extinguished the fire and found no (injured) persons in either the car or the facility. Police units immediately launched an investigation.

Possible intent

Based on the initial investigation, the detective thinks that there may have been intent and that someone may have deliberately driven into the building in question. Why this was done and by whom is not yet clear. It is still unclear who drove the vehicle. The detective is urgently looking for people who may have more information about this.

Sharing information

Can you help the investigation further? For example, because you witnessed the incident or are in possession of relevant camera images? Or do you know more about a possible cause? Then contact the police on 0900-8844 or 0800-7000 (Report Crime Anonymously). You can also share your information via the tip form and it is possible to share images with the police.

Case number: 2023058111.

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