Can Aston Martin fight for the world title? ‘Our goal is to keep moving forward’

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Aston Martin is going for the win, the team made that clear during the presentation of the AMR23. Owner Lawrence Stroll has made several investments such as doubling the staff and building a new facility so they can compete in midfield. But can they also compete for the world title? At the Spanish branch of, Aston Martin managers are discussing the possibility.

Aston Martin’s goal is clear for 2023: to win. The team of drivers Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso is going for it. It will have to, because the past two years the team has finished in a disappointing seventh place in the standings. Now they want to focus on growth and progression, in order to hopefully achieve high points. They are aware, however, that it will not be easy to immediately perform as they want.

Technical director Dan Fallows still makes cautious statements. “We are very realistic about how strong our competitors are, and we respect that,” says the Briton who comes from Red Bull Racing. “Our goal is to keep moving forward. In the future we will pass some of them, and we will be happy about that.’

Aston Martin director wants to keep expectations low: ‘Predictions are of no use now’

In addition to the investments in staff and facilities, Aston Martin has also recruited a new driver: two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. Fallows is happy with the addition of the Spaniard and sees great opportunities for the team. Team boss Mike Krack does not want to make any final statements yet and wants to keep expectations low. “It makes no sense to make predictions about victories and titles now,” says the Luxembourger, who keeps both feet on the ground. ‘We’ll take it step by step, then we’ll get there.’

Not much will change within the organization. “It was already going in the right direction,” says Krack, who speaks highly of his staff and team. ‘The basic principles of teamwork, trust and safety remain the same, no matter what environment you work in’, observes the team boss, who therefore does not consider it necessary to change anything. ‘If we all focus on the same goal and don’t rush things, we’ll get there.’

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