Cabinet wants compulsory corona test for foreign nationals who have to leave

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Foreign nationals who have to return to their country of origin may be forced to take a corona test in the future. The House of Representatives already asked for this at the end of 2021 and State Secretary Van der Burg promised a law in March last year. He now has a proposal ready. Before it is submitted to the House, citizens and organizations are allowed to comment on it.

With this measure, Van der Burg wants to prevent foreign nationals from frustrating their return by not cooperating with a test for infectious diseases. According to the State Secretary, more than forty countries still require a negative corona test to take back residents. In 2021 and 2022, a total of almost 2,000 flights were canceled because foreign nationals refused to take a test, says Van der Burg.

Forced test in extreme cases

The State Secretary thinks the number of refusals is too great. He calls it crucial for the support of asylum reception that people who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands actually return. According to his bill, a forced test may be taken in extreme cases.

Asylum policy is a source of constant tension within the coalition. It was leaked yesterday that thousands more asylum seekers will probably travel to the Netherlands in the coming years than first thought. Prime Minister and VVD leader Rutte has already promised several times that he wants to do something about the high intake figures.

  • A large increase in the number of asylum seekers is expected in the coming years
  • Rutte after consultation with party: get started with too high asylum figures
  • Those who have exhausted all legal remedies are increasingly refusing a corona test when they are deported
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