Cabinet is considering more expensive fuel and a higher purchase tax for petrol cars 19:49 in Politics These are proposals from Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy. The government is currently negotiating the Spring Memorandum, with plans for next year.

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  • Marleen de Rooy

    Political reporter

Driving a petrol or diesel car will probably become considerably more expensive for private individuals from next year. Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy has presented the cabinet with two tax increases in order to achieve the climate goals. Sources from coalition circles confirm this to NOS.

Jetten wants to make it compulsory to mix more expensive biofuel with normal fuels, which will make petrol and diesel about five to ten cents more expensive per litre. This should lead to fewer kilometers driven. This measure can be introduced as early as 2024.

An increase in the purchase tax on new petrol and diesel cars (bpm) from 2025 is also being discussed. It is probably a doubling of the bpm per car. This should generate billions of euros for the treasury. On the other hand, there will be a reduction in the burden for buyers of second-hand electric cars. Business lease cars must all be electric from 2025.

The ultimate goal is that no more ‘fossil kilometres’ are driven at all. This brings the achievement of the climate goals closer.

Road pricing in 2030

But at the same time it creates a financial problem: the greening of the vehicle fleet costs the government money because of the granting of purchase subsidies. In addition, the treasury misses out on fuel excise duties.

From 2030, the loss of income must be compensated by the new road pricing for all cars to be introduced. Until then, the cabinet must look for alternative sources of income, such as an increase in the bpm.

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