Cabinet discusses changes to nitrogen policy

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Cabinet discusses changes to nitrogen policy

The cabinet is discussing possible adjustments to the current nitrogen policy. The question is whether that policy is still tenable after the big victory of the BoerBurgerBeweging last week during the provincial elections. For example, the deadline of 2030 is on the table, says political reporter Mats Akkerman after reporting by RTL Nieuws. ‘D66 will not want this, they have campaigned precisely for this.’

The CDA, on the other hand, is pushing for adjustments, especially after the poor election results. Yesterday, the party already extensively discussed the election results and then it was also said that the deadline of 2030 is not sacred as far as the CDA is concerned.

Caroline van der Plas, leader of the Boer Burger Movement (BBB), after her conversation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The cabinet is discussing possible adjustments to the current nitrogen policy. (ANP / Dirk Hol)

This was explicitly discussed again during a group meeting earlier today. Akkerman spoke with party chairman Heerma after the meeting. He said he was not aiming for a government crisis. But if D66 holds its ground, then it will be interesting.’

BBB frontwoman Caroline van der Plas said earlier today that she expects a fall from the cabinet ‘this year’. Van der Plas said this after her conversation with VVD leader and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The two spoke to each other in Wassenaar in restaurant De Landbouw. ‘A VVD municipality and therefore actually the best of both worlds,’ says Akkerman.

“If D66 stands firm, then it will be interesting”

Mats Akkerman, political reporter BNR

Van der Plas: ‘He congratulated me again on the result. I brought up the crisis of confidence between the coalition partners and asked whether he and the coalition see what is going on in the country. Normally people stay at home, but now they have made their voices heard.’ According to Van der Plas, the situation within the coalition has become ‘unsustainable’. She therefore thinks that new elections will be held before the end of the year.

According to Akkerman, the crisis of confidence in the coalition has been brought up several times by Van der Plas. ‘She said to Rutte: do something with it!’ Rutte himself does not want to say much about the conversation, except that it was ‘pleasant’.

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According to the BoerBurgerBeweging, the coalition will have to do something with the election results. ‘They can’t just ignore this,’ says Akkerman. ‘She finds it frustrating that there is now suddenly room in the coalition.’ Van der Plas: ‘Suddenly things are possible at the VVD and the CDA. I wonder why that was not possible in recent years. They have been in the wringer of the coalition agreement, but the election results are clear.’

In the eyes of Van der Plas, the cabinet should make an emergency law for the nitrogen crisis ‘because the country is completely locked down socio-economically and socially’. According to Van der Plas, this is not a matter of not being able to, but of not wanting to.

Crisis meeting at CDA

Later today, the CDA will speak again about the future of the party after the disastrous election defeat last week. ‘Provincial administrators will criticize the state of affairs and the position of leader Wopke Hoekstra will also be discussed. But according to party chairman Heerma, there is still enough support for him within the party. So it will probably mainly be listening to the criticism.’

Heerma went on to say that ‘driving with your fingers in your ears is not possible. But you can’t do everything differently from one day to the next.’ It is also expected that the party will speak more often about the future of the party in the coming weeks, Akkerman expects.

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