Cabinet comes up with 20 billion euros for Groningen, considerably less than requested

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte (l) and State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief (r) prior to a meeting in the Provincial House of Groningen
NOS News

The cabinet has more than 20 billion euros to compensate Groningen for the gas extraction. Sources say that to the NOS. The billions are for “a generational approach” and should be used for certain goals, including infrastructure and equity. And the amount must also be used to pay for damage repair and reinforcement of houses.

Administrators from the region had demanded 30 billion in investments in quality of life, social cohesion and making homes gas-free. But the Groningen people believe that the costs for damage repair and reinforcement are separate from this. These costs are estimated at between 5 and 10 billion.

On Tuesday, when a cabinet delegation was in Groningen to negotiate, King’s Commissioner René Paas already spoke of a “big gap” between the wish and the offer. But until now it was unclear how big the hole was. The difference has narrowed in recent days, the sources say.

Council of Ministers tomorrow

Two months ago, a parliamentary committee of inquiry ruled that the years of gas extraction had been disastrous for the people of Groningen and that the Netherlands owed Groningen a debt of honor. Prime Minister Rutte called it “incredibly important that we do justice” this week.

Tomorrow the cabinet will discuss the firm conclusions of the committee of inquiry and the compensation. The committee concluded, among other things, that for decades the safety of Groningen residents had been subordinated to financial and economic interests in gas extraction, and that too little attention was paid to the damage and fear caused by the earthquakes.

  • ‘Large gap’ between Groningen residents’ wishes and cabinet plans
  • Groningen wants at least 30 billion euros due to ‘debt of honor’ gas extraction
  • Cabinet delegation in Groningen: ‘Incredibly important that we do justice’
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