Cabinet calls envoy summoned because of MH17 diplomatic play by Russia

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Members of the court view the reconstruction of the MH17 aircraft shot down in 2014 at Gilze-Rijen Air Base
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The cabinet is not impressed by the diplomatic signal from the Russian government. He summoned the Dutch ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow because of the Dutch position in the MH17 case.

Deputy Prime Minister Kaag says that these kinds of things are part of the diplomatic game. “An ambassador can be called to the mat. He will listen to the message and that’s it, I would say.”

The Russian government wants the Netherlands to stop “coercive attempts” to hold Russia responsible for the crash of MH17. The Russian ministry also called the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) “politicized”. The JIT is investigating who is responsible for the crash of the passenger plane.


The government does not intend to take any notice of this. “We are looking for justice,” says Kaag. “We are committed to finding the truth with our international partners and we do that for the victims and their relatives.”

Last Tuesday, the Russian ambassador to the Netherlands was summoned because of the MH17 case. Prime Minister Rutte then said in the House of Representatives that the ambassador should come and give “text and explanation” about President Putin’s involvement. The JIT announced last week that there are strong indications that Putin gave the green light for the use of weapons with which the plane was shot down.

  • Russian ambassador called to account because of investigation outcome MH17
  • ‘Strong indications’ green light Putin for missile deployment that hit MH17
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