Buxton about Hamilton and Ferrari: ‘Most successful driver to most successful team’

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Buxton about Hamilton and Ferrari: 'Most successful driver to most successful team'

Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari in 2025 increases the tension, both for the teams and the drivers. ‘His opponents will say Ferrari won’t get him at his best. Statistically he may be the best, but he is not at the height of his powers.’ Formula 1 presenter Will Buxton is clear about it in his recent opinion piece on Formula1.com: ‘Nonsense’.

According to the Brit, it is a sensational switch, comparable only to Juan Manuel Fangio’s decision to also choose to leave Mercedes for Ferrari, about seventy years ago. Even Ayrton Senna who left McLaren for Williams and Michael Schumacher who switched from Benetton to Ferrari don’t come close. “This is the most successful driver in this sport leaving for the most successful team in this sport,” Buxton said.

A view on the future

The presenter knew that Hamilton would not continue racing for Mercedes forever. Although the seven-time world champion recently signed with Mercedes, this was only for a short period. “The perfect opportunity for Ferrari to give him a call,” said the journalist.

Buxton sees it as an opportunity for both Hamilton and Mercedes to focus on the future. The German team may even already have a long-term replacement. “A talent who made his way through the junior categories in a way that is perhaps even more impressive than how Lewis did it at the time,” says the presenter about Andrea Kimi Antonelli. The young driver skipped Formula 3 and will immediately drive in Formula 2 this year.

Hamilton is a complete driver

Buxton disagrees with the comment that Hamilton is no longer at the top of his game. According to him, there are currently only three drivers who can be called a complete driver. Hamilton is one of them, the other two are fellow world champions Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. ‘No other driver on the current grid is performing at that level. They don’t know what it takes to become world champion.’

According to the Brit, Hamilton is still determined to win and fight for the championship, but the effect of a change within the team should not be underestimated. Ferrari gets what Mercedes loses. George Russell gets a chance and Charles Leclerc a benchmark,” says Buxton. ‘The arrival of Hamilton means the attraction of star quality for Ferrari. The best engineers, designers, mechanics and sponsors come to the best drivers,” he concludes. According to Buxton, we can expect more big names to follow Hamilton to the Italian racing stable.

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